10 Jan 2016
San Juan Capistrano Family Photographer

Sanciangco Family Session – San Juan Capistrano Portrait Photographer

A good friend of mine, Justin, wanted to do a family photo session with his family and extended family the day after Christmas. We had a couple of days to scout for a location, and after failing to secure an awesome spot due another event being held at the original location, we decided on one of my favorite places to shoot! As a San Juan Capistrano portrait photographer, you have to have a Plan B and sometimes a Plan C […]

27 Dec 2015
Coto De Caza Family Photographer

Marin Portrait Session – Coto de Caza Portrait Photographer

One of my favorite families to photograph, specially during the holiday season! I always have a great time with this family and always cherish the support they’ve shown to Melody and myself and our families throughout the years! For this shoot we were inside Coto de Caza on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The light was shining brightly behind the family which allowed me to capture this beautifully back-lit shot. I love how the sun brings out the colors in the leaves […]

13 Dec 2015
San Juan Capistrano Portrait Photographer

Dudleston San Juan Capistrano Family Photographer

I always enjoy shooting at this location in San Juan Capistrano! To make even more enjoyable,  I had the honor of photographing an adorable family and their girls! These girls had me laughing throughout the entire shoot due their jokes, posing and quirkiness. Here are some of my favortites from the Dudleston San Juan Capistrano Family Photographer shoot!

05 Dec 2015
Irvine Portrait Photographer

Tran Hewitt – Irvine Family Photorgahper

Had an amazing session with the Tran-Hewitt family during their Irvine family photographer session. They are a cute couple and they wanted pictures of their girls for the upcoming Holiday season! These girls were adorable and we had a blast during our session! Here are some of my favorites from the Tran-Hewitt Irvine Family Photographer shoot.

19 Nov 2015
Disneyland Family Photographer

Fortier Family Session – Disneyland Family Photographer

Had a great time with the Fortier family at their Disneyland family photographer session. When a friend calls the night before and wants to shoot some quick family portrait sessions at Disneyland, you pick up your camera bags and agree to meet up. Melody and I have season passes so we’re always up for Disneyland! It was mid-day and not the best time to shoot for family pictures due to the sunlight being too harsh, but we did what we could […]

17 Jul 2013

Whats in your Bag Comic-Con 2013

  Day 1 of San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Unfortunately I am not working Comic-Con as a press photographer (bummer) this year, so I can actually go out and enjoy the entire experience as a nerd/geek on the convention floor. This year my gear is lighter than I normally so in the fashion of the popular What’s in my bag topics mentioned in several blogs, here is my Whats in your bag Comic-Con 2013!.

24 Jan 2013
Visual Exposure Photography

Nicholson Family – Orange County Portrait Photographer

Had a great time with the Nicholson family in San Juan Capistrano with our short little family photo session. From the preview post: Nicholson Family Preview – Orange County Portrait Photographer.

20 Jan 2013

Nicholson Family Preview – Orange County Portrait Photographer

A surprisingly warm day in Orange County, CA during January, however, it still turned out to be a wonderful day of shooting. Today’s shoot was short and sweet as we navigated through the busy and popular location in San Juan Capistrano.

18 Jan 2013

Orange County Portrait Photographer Miller and Phan Family

A wonderful family photo session with the Miller’s and Phan’s Family during a cool winter day in Irvine CA. This family truly enjoys life and has so much love for one another. This was a larger group of folks that I normally shoot, but it was something special that Cynthia wanted to give to her parents. This family is truly adorable!

16 Jan 2013

Family Portrait Session in Irvine CA

Here’s a new video I edited with the help of Gabe Phan who recorded the original footage and edit. The video was taken during our family portrait session in Irvine CA.