06 Jun 2011

Christa and Kevin Wedding | Love is in the air

Love is in the air… For Christa and Kevin, that is completely true! The love these two have and share between each other is amazing. The entire day as I photographed and documented their wedding, I would always catch these two sharing a wonderful romantic moment with each other as if nothing else mattered. They were always flirting with each other, giggling and giving each other little kisses.

15 May 2011

New kiddies in our home!!

Today I was forced and badly beaten into submission by Melody to rescue not one, but TWO kittens that were put up for adoption. I am more of a dog person at heart but after seeing and holding these cute little kittens, I had no choice but to give in to their powers of persuasion! C’mon, look at them! 🙂

28 Mar 2011

Intsagram for iPhone

Instagram for iPhone! The coolest little photo app for the iPhone (not sure if there is one for Android). It’s an interesting little app that allows you to take a square sized picture through your iPhone, or use a previously taken photo from your iPhone and it allows one to add filters to your photos and post them online (mine are posted on my Flickr, Twitter and Facebook) and on Instagrams own stream. The app is fast, updated frequently and […]

19 Mar 2011

Canon Camera Equipment for Sale [used]

Camera equipment for sale!!

No, I am not selling all of my Canon gear to make the jump over to Nikon (at least not yet, anyway). I am still keeping all my other L series lenses.

No, I am not selling all of my earthly possessions so I can back-pack around Europe as a vagabond.. picture Aladdin but more handsome and in Europe!

14 Nov 2010

JLOCC – Macy’s Fashion Show

Another wonderful event I was able to photograph was the Macy’s Fashion Show from the JLOCC filled with upcoming models from Barbizon Modeling Agency. There were a lot of potential models at the event all sporting fashion from a current line of clothes from Macy’s.

14 Nov 2010

JLOCC – Zov’s cooking demo

For those that do not know who Zov is, she (Zov Karamardian) is a wonderful person and chef at Zovs Bistro. She put on a cooking demo to showcase some of her food that is available at her restaurant and to promote her new cookbook coming out soon. The food that she brought to share with the audience was OUTSTANDING!

10 Nov 2010

Christina and Todd – Wilson Creek Winery Wedding Photographer

They planned a perfect wedding at Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula to share with their families and friends! Christina and Todd laid-back, care-free and relaxed attitude totally made me calm down (even though I was still stressing out about the weather)

27 Sep 2010

Melissa – Orange County Senior Portraits

I had an extremely fun time shooting with the shy, wonderfully gorgeous, yet funny Melissa!

This was her first time posing in front of a camera so she was a little nervous, but we had a blast once the butterflies went away.. Melissa is not only smart (like straight A’s smart!), she also commands attention on the basketball team playing point guard for the varsity team! How awesome is that!

03 Aug 2010

Morgan and Matt – Orange County Wedding Photographer

Last weekend I had a wonderful opportunity to shoot Morgan and Matt’s wedding in the lovely Canyon Country Club. The location is wonderful with plenty of scenic locations to shoot. This was only my second time shooting here, but I look forward to shooting here in the future. We were pressed for time due to the event running late and we were also running out of sunlight.

28 Jul 2010

Comic-Con 2010 – Celebrities

I had a wonderful opportunity to shoot at the International Comic-Con 2010 and got to see a lot of wonderful celebrities at the different panels that were held. In addition to the celebrities the convention is filled with geeks, nerds, swag, cosplay, super heroes, anti-heroes, comics, comic book artist, writers and everything in between. Did I mention the place is CROWDED!! If you don’t like crowds, I suggest you stay far away.