13 Feb 2010

Why I want to attend WPPI

A post was recently made by a buddy of mine Lawrence Chan of Tofurious asking people why they want to attend WPPI (Wedding Portrait Photographers International). This was a contest he is putting together to give away 10 free passes to WPPI that he received for being a vendor.  For those of you, who do not know Lawrence, he is a very knowledgeable individual on anything photography, SEO and marketing. Definitely check him out!

04 Feb 2010

The new wedding album smell

When I arrived at home the other day I found a large box sitting, tucked in the corner of my front porch. Hidden enough out of plain sight, but visible once you made it up the steps and to the door.. I took the box inside and immediately opened it. I was, as excited as a little kid on Christmas day, eagerly opening their presents from Santa! To my surprise it was the completed wedding album for a couple’s wedding […]

31 Jan 2010

Framing and Matting

The past couple of months (when I can find spare time), i’ve spent time working on my framing and mat cutting skills. Today, I have finally gotten around to finishing the mat cutting, framing and hanging of the pictures. I was so excited about it, I figured I would share some of the pictures that I framed from my last trip to Paris. These pictures bring back sooo many wonderful experiences from our trip, that I got a little teary […]

25 Jan 2010

San Diego Photog Shootout | Portrait Photographer San Diego

What a wonderful day at the San Diego Photog Shootout located at San Dieguito Heritage Museum! I was a little hesitant to head out to this event since I really didn’t know what to expect and the fact that it’s been raining pretty hard for the past week. Since this was an outdoor event, I thought we would all be struggling with the muddy ground conditions or even intermittent showers.

22 Jan 2010

Kooza experience

Melody and I enjoyed a great date night, by first grabbing a bite to eat at Niko Niko sushi in Irvine, before heading over to watch Kooza by Cirque Du Soleil held at The Great Park in Irvine!

19 Jan 2010
12 Jan 2010
29 Dec 2009

Christmas Eve Festivities

Christmas eve (as I mentioned in my last post) was spent with Melody and I hosting a family dinner. Melody’s family represented and all were able to attend.. My parents on the other hand, missed out due to my mom being really sick with a flu or cold.

29 Dec 2009

Pre-Christmas Eve Festivities

Ahh, Christmas is upon us once again. I love and always look forward to this holiday due to the loving and generous mood that it puts us in as human beings. Of course, I wouldn’t be totally honest if I didn’t mention the receiving of gifts that Santa or friends and loved ones give to us. That’s one of my favorite parts! But aside from the gift giving, it always warms my heart knowing we can surround ourselves with family […]

15 Dec 2009

Breller Family | {Orange County Portrait Photographer}

My friend Lin, who is a food stylist extraordinaire, asked me to do a last minute photography session with her family about a week ago. Their family is spread out throughout California, and this was an opportunity where they would all be together in one place for the holidays.